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We create digital products that make the relationship between you and your customers feel natural. 

Those are the relationships that last.


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Our Lean UX methodology involves rapid experimentation so we can refine a good idea before bringing it to market

Why Natural Interaction?

We build products that that deliver ROI because we work based on evidence and proven results.

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We can put your idea in front of potential customers quicker, using our 1 million person panel to deliver results in less than a week

Our panel of users will test your site, providing evidence-based results to guide informed decisions quickly, and without wasting a penny.

We work with you, continually improving your site based on real user interactions. We test right from the start, meaning less risk of a product based on wrong assumptions.


We build websites that feel natural to users, on any device. We’ll also work alongside your dev team to strategically achieve results.

Whether you’re looking for new ideas, or have a list of requirements you need to prioritise, we will work with you to structure a tailored workshop that suits you.


Natural Interaction are a team of user experience experts with over 25 years’ combined experience spanning all aspects of the web process.

We work collaboratively with you, making suggestions based on research and expertise. We validate assumptions so you can prove which suggestions work, and which don’t.

That removes a lot of paperwork, guess work and unnecessary ‘process’ from the equation. We don’t dress mutton up as lamb. We start with clean, honest functionality and then we season it, adding no more, no less than is necessary. 

Dan Bates

"I found Adam and Dave to be flexible, easy to work with and very knowledgeable. Their expertise in user experience was invaluable whilst at the same time they understood and were responsive to the particular needs of the project in terms of what the applications were intended to show. "

Director of MiData Innovation Lab, 

Department of Business Innovation and Skills

HM Government

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